Indigo is a new form of consumable collagen that is made from marine sources, such as wild-caught North Atlantic White Fish. This source provides a more broad spectrum of collagen types, including types I, II, III, and IV. Marine collagen also has complete peptides and also is more easily digested than the bovine forms.

Indigo is still relatively new, but so far my experience with it has been remarkable. My patients love it, and the flavors are terrific. No sugar is added and it is only flavored with natural flavors such as Blueberry, DragonFruit, and Raspberry Lime, and some stevia. Indigo also has a pure, unflavored version that is the purest form of collagen peptides on the market. It has no flavor and mixes so well that in a glass of water it is invisible. This is the new Gold Standard for collagen supplements!