About the Lab

Doctor’s Data offers diagnostic testing focused on hormone and metabolite status, toxic and essential element levels, and gastrointestinal and nutritional health.

To support practitioners in patient care, Doctor’s Data has clinical and scientific experts available for consultation and education.

Headquarters in St. Charles, Illinois, Doctor’s Data was established in 1972 as “a clinical laboratory providing innovative, accurate specialty testing” to healthcare professionals globally.

They have a 3-point mission:

  • To research, develop and offer innovative specialty tests that help doctors identify health risks and improve outcomes for patients with chronic conditions.
  • To educate and support healthcare professionals.
  • To improve lives through science.

Doctor’s Data diagnostic tests and methodology are informed through research and knowledge from researchers and clinical practitioners focusing on nutrition, naturopathic and chiropractic medicine, biochemistry, pharmacology, and women’s and children’s health.

Doctor’s Data ensures an extensive quality monitoring program has been implemented to confirm their testing results’ precision, accuracy, and validity.

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