Introducing Rupa Health!

Rupa Health is an innovative lab testing service for practitioners.

Do you want to save time on ordering tests for patients?

Do you want access to hundreds of lab tests from dozens of laboratories?

If so, then Rupa is for you.

Simply sign up at the link below and set up your account. The friendly and helpful Rupa staff is always available to assist you with getting started or any questions you may have. Rupa even offers special educational seminars that assist the practitioner in learning how to use the various tests from the labs they partner with.

The way Rupa works is simple: Sign up, sign in, order the tests you want, enter in the required info, test kits get sent to your patient, and you get the results when they come in. NO stocking of tests. No hassling with multiple requisitions from various labs.

Simple, easy, and time-saving.

Functional lab tests at your finger tips from labs such as Great Plains, Spectracell, Genova, Doctor’s Data, Dutch Test, and more!

Click on the link below, sign up, and see for yourself! It is a great service!

Click here to sign up to Rupa Health